Consumer Information NoteLast updated: January, 2014

  • 1- The products and / or services purchased by the users from this website are within the scope of the goods delivered to the consumer / user immediately, and such sales are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal from the sale and the use of this right, regulated under the Legislation on the Protection of Consumers and applicable international agreements on this subject. In cases and applications other than this provision, the aforementioned claims can only be made between the parties to the transaction, since SadeceOn does not have the title of seller or provider of products and/or services. In all cases and under all circumstances, SadeceOn provides only the environment for the site users to carry out their transactions, and due to this capacity, it cannot be held responsible for the transactions of the parties and the illegality of their content or the control thereof, or the disputes between the parties or users, cannot be deemed to be a party to them, and may not be responsible for conferring responsibility or hostility. addressee is unacceptable. Accordingly, the products and/or services subject to the transactions made by the users on this site are deemed to be consumed upon delivery to the user and cannot be subject to a return or replacement request. Users irrevocably accept, declare and undertake this issue. Otherwise, the persons concerned do not have the right to use this site and the media or transaction opportunities offered within the scope of the site, and they have been enlightened to leave the site.
  • 2- Sadeceon is not responsible under any capacity for the effects and damages arising from user errors, without the requirement of use, in the use and benefit of those deemed to be the immediate performance of any content, products or services obtained by the user from Sadeceon site. All risks arising from the use and performance of any content, services or products offered between the parties through the Sadeceon alone are at the user`s own risk due to the aforementioned qualifications. Transactions and contracts within this site, which is a Distance Contract, are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and use of electronically performed services and contracts related to goods delivered instantly to the consumer in accordance with the relevant legislation. For this reason Sadeceon, under no circumstances, even if an agreement is reached between the users, can be made the subject of a refund or replacement request. Users are aware of this situation, which is declared in relation to the content, products and services that take place in the environment of this site and are created or offered by the parties, and they agree and undertake not to make any request to the contrary.
  • 3- Within the scope of the trading environment offered by Sadeceon and the matching services of the parties` mutual demands, it is possible to provide legal information if the relevant content is identified to the copyright owner or requested by the relevant owner in case of any violation or action that will be considered as a violation of the terms of use and participation of the users; in such cases, the parties will not have the right to a claim against Sadeceon. Sadeceon warns users not to infringe any rights of any third party or entity, including copyright, on the content that is subject to the mutual demands of the parties or created, shared or delivered during their fulfillment and reminds them to take due care. Users who are the parties of the transaction are responsible for the uses that are contrary to these information, warnings and reminders, and the parties of the transaction are the only and the addressee of the responsibility arising from the sole and whole of any kind of request belonging to the 3rd person or institutions that may be directed to the Sadeceon for the aforementioned reasons. On the contrary, in some way, for the reasons mentioned, the 3rd Article, which is directed at Sadeceon or must be met by Sadeceon, shall be not used. Due to the requests of the person or institution, Sadeceon has the right and the opportunity to jointly and collectively reimquisition the transaction parties based on the request.
  • 4- In case of third-party complaints and requests about the site due to the use of the transaction environment offered by Sadeceon or the content of the transaction, or if a request is submitted by the courts or official authorities, Sadeceon has no liability to the users for taking appropriate action. and Sadeceon will be able to temporarily or permanently suspend the account and transaction opportunities of the transaction parties regarding the content subject to such requests or decisions. In this case, the user declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she will not be able to re-login to SadeceOn temporarily or permanently, he/she will be deprived of access to the content or requests he/she has created so far, and that he/she will not request the refund of the payments he has made for the purpose of participating in the game, if any.

The principles and principles of Sadeceon`s information note above are an inseparable annex to the user agreement of Sadeceon, and by using the site, users are deemed to have accepted and committed that they have accepted these terms and been informed about the above-mentioned issues.