SadeceON User Guide

Buying Guide

How Do I Buy?

All content on SadeceOn is user-created capabilities. When you enter a category that interests you or hover over any skill you like on the main page and click it, the preview page for that skill will open. On the screen that appears, you can see information about the skill and the user who created that skill. To make a purchase, simply click on the 'Buy' button at the top right of the screen. If you wish, you can place multiple orders for the same skill, that is, you can buy more than 1.

What are the Payment Options?

There are 4 different payment options on SadeceOn.com. An ability; you can purchase via Credit Card, BKM Express, Ininal and Mobile Payment.

What are Post-Purchase Processes?

After purchasing talent on SadeceOn.com, your order is created and you are directed to the order screen. If the seller needs information to prepare the order you have given, you will see this as a warning on the order screen. If she-he hasn`t requested any information, the delivery time of the skill you purchased starts counting down on the counter on the order screen. This means that your order has been created. You can complete the order in a positive or negative way by performing the operations related to the talent you have ordered on this screen.

What is Safe Shopping?

SadeceOn.com works with 'SadeceOn Risk System'. After placing the order, the product price is transferred to the “Secure Account” managed by SadeceOn. After the seller delivers your order, your approval is required to complete the order. As soon as you confirm the order with a positive or negative notification after examining the order, the sale will be realized and the fee to be paid will be automatically transferred to the account of the seller. If you cancel the order, your money will be refunded without any commission deduction. You can use this money later to buy a new skill.

The Talent I Bought Didn`t Turn Out As I Expected. What should I do?

SadeceOn takes care of buyers` rights first. The skill you order differs according to the information that the seller states on the preview screen. If your order does not come out as you expected, you can request an adjustment via the order screen. If you cannot receive the talent you requested for editing, you can request cancellation via the Resolution Center at the top. Likewise, for delayed orders, you can extend the time by submitting an additional time request from the Solution Center or you can request a cancellation.

The Talent I Purchased Was Not Delivered. What should I do?

Sellers determine the delivery time for the capabilities they create, and this delivery time is indicated on the preview screen. This time appears as a countdown on the order screen. If your order is still not delivered after the deadline, you have the right to cancel the order. You can get your money back as soon as you cancel.

Selling Guide

How Do I Sell?

Creating talent on SadeceOn.com is free. After you become a member, you must confirm your phone number and e-mail address and save a payment information to which your earnings will be transferred. Then, you can create your first skill by clicking the 'Start Selling' button at the top left of the screen. As soon as you fill in the required fields on the talent creation screen and click the save button, you create your talent. You can then upload a video suitable for your content from the video upload screen. If you have a talent that you have created before, it is sufficient to enter the 'Sales' section at the top and click on the 'My Talents' link. Your created talents will be published within 24 hours if they are approved by the reviews made by the SadeceOn team.

What Can I Sell?

You can create a suitable talent from 11 different main categories on SadeceOn.com and sell each of them. At the same time, you can define and differentiate your talent by selecting sub-categories within these main categories. It consists of 11 different main categories: Graphics & Design, Video & Animation, Online Marketing, Text & Translation, Advertising, Business, Programming & Technology, Music & Sound, Entertainment, Life and Gifts.


What is the Commission Fee?

To see our commission rates click.

What is Order Screen? What can be done?

The order screen allows you to follow the process from purchasing to finalizing the order. There is a countdown counter on the order screen. Depending on the delivery time of the skill, the time indicated on the counter changes. On the order screen, the buyer and the seller can message, and they can also see the details of the skill. Just as the seller delivers the order via this screen, the buyer also executes the order termination or editing request from this screen. At the same time, you can make cancellation requests from the 'Solution Center' located at the top of the order screen.

Even though I have completed the order, the buyer did not approve. What should I do?

You have delivered your order, but still no word from the receiver. If you deliver the order but the buyer does not take any action, your order will be closed automatically after 3 days and will be considered completed. At the end of the completed order, the commission fee is deducted and your earnings turn into a payment order to be transferred to your defined account.

When will the money I earn be credited to my account?

In accordance with our agreement with the Iyzico payment institution, the earnings will be transferred to your defined account within 7+1 days as of the date of purchase. You can view the dates your payments will be transferred by checking your estimated payment dates on the Sales / Revenues page. Revenues with manual EFT orders are transferred by our accounting teams every Friday. If you choose the Bulk Payment option, you can also receive the earnings of the orders completed by the 8th of the month in bulk on the 15th of that month.